RIP all my work

2016-01-13 13:00:16 by Xythril

My hard drive has broken so now all my files ive ever worked on are gone :( So much work gone :l


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2016-01-13 13:34:00

damn , i know what thats like ,and it sucks. try not to let it get ya too dowwn, just like anything else , make more of it .


2016-01-13 13:36:09

Oh no all my work is gone.


2016-01-13 13:43:48

It always sucks when something like that happen but don't get sad,I'm sure you'll work on more stuff that will be better than the stuff you worked on.

I wish you the best of luck :).


2016-01-13 14:29:26

Thats why I use 2 online backups and 2 offline backups.

I use dropbox and myvdrive for online storage, and an external drive and a SDcard bank for offline storage.

Here's hoping you can bounce back and do even better! Now if you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go back up all my projects now.


2016-01-13 14:57:03

Try this it helped me.

If not look into freezing your hard drive.
No joke this is a method they use to recovering information.
Very sorry to hear about your lost work.


2016-01-15 17:43:44

Oh wow! I never expected so much support on here, thank you guys so much! :) I pretty much just had to make myself a new computer. Managed to salvage the old processor, no point in letting it sit in my garage or whatever.