Making some music now

2017-03-28 09:13:08 by Xythril

Sounds pretty good

RIP all my work

2016-01-13 13:00:16 by Xythril

My hard drive has broken so now all my files ive ever worked on are gone :( So much work gone :l

WOOOOOO Remix all done

2016-01-03 18:45:39 by Xythril

Thats my remix of Linney - The Night all done and dusted. You can check it out onĀ



2016-01-01 20:54:06 by Xythril

2 songs i have been working on hard. One will be on soundcloud and one will be on here, stay tuned :)

Back in business

2015-11-22 17:37:40 by Xythril

Okay guys thats me relaxing off Fallout 4. Time to work on the Novation Pixelord remix competition.

Fallout 4

2015-11-09 14:34:26 by Xythril

As you all know, fallout 4 is coming out tomorrow. Music making is on hold for the time being. Sorry ;D

Launchpad project

2015-11-02 15:43:38 by Xythril

Working hard on a launchpad mashup. Aiming for 200+ songs condensed in to something great :)

Drumm nnnn BASS

2015-06-15 20:08:13 by Xythril

Got some drum n bass going. Western Themed. I know it aint early July, but you know. I delivered ;D

Working on stuff

2015-05-19 13:25:30 by Xythril

Bit busy with exams at the moment. Hoping to release something on here by the end of the month/early next month :). I have no fans yet but im sure that's how everyone starts xD

Hey everyone :)

2015-05-11 21:15:17 by Xythril

Hey everyone! Just starting off on NG. Hopefully i can work with some other artists and developers and make some cool stuff :D Just uploaded my first song. You guys should totally check that out ;)